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  Travel Shoreline, LLC, was born from the corporate travel management arm of Shoreline Aviation Services, LLC. Founded in 2004 as the vision of our CEO, Captain Glen Rutland, Shoreline Aviation Services has emerged as one of the premier aviation management & travel service firms in the southeastern United States. An accomplished sailor and retired airline pilot, our name is a nod to two of the Captain's passions: the aviation world and the nautical world. It represents the entire Shoreline team's commitment to making our clients' experiences enjoyable and worry-free, and our belief that aviation and travel should be pleasurable experiences - not hassles! With an executive staff consisting of professional pilots, Shoreline Aviation Services is a full-service aviation management company providing a wide range of services to the corporate client, including aircraft management, aviation insurance, and aviation consulting. As corporate aviation specialists, our team has earned the trust of corporate clients throughout the southeast who place their trust in Team Shoreline to get them where they need to go! Our commitment is to pursue your needs with the same enthusiasm that we pursue our own passions.

  Leaning on the considerable travel experience that comes hand in hand with a life spent above the clouds, the Shoreline Team provides all the travel arrangements for clients. In 2013, this operation was expanded in an effort to offer our services not only to our corporate aviation clients, but to the general public as well. Travel Shoreline was born. The same folks who keep the corporate world flying can do the same for you.  Much, much more than just a travel agency, Travel Shoreline is the embodiment of decades of travel experience combined with a passion for customer service. With Team members in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia, we offer a full line of travel management, brokerage, and consulting services for both leisure and business travel. From rental cars to airline tickets and cruises to resorts, we do it all. And we do it with the same personalized level of service you've come to expect from the Shoreline Team.

  So what sets Travel Shoreline apart from the rest? Simple. Our people. Our team of pilots & travel professionals offer firsthand experience & travel insight that simply can't come from do-it-yourself travel conglomerates. It is our commitment to constantly provide a personalized level of service that leads to a pleasurable experience and unparalleled value. Give us a chance; it doesn't cost you anything to use our services. There are no contracts or out-of-pocket user fees, and we always guarantee a personalized experience. One trip and we think you'll agree: Travel Shoreline is the way to go!

The Travel Shoreline Team

Glen Rutland
800.747.0825 ext. 1

Sara Rutland
800.747.0825 ext. 3

Joe Clark
800.747.0825 ext. 5

Julie Hester
Sam George

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